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About the Sisterhood

In 1999 the women of Congregation Ohr Torah met together and discussed the need for a Sisterhood. Over pie and cake they put together the unified core of a strong and committed Sisterhood. The women who belong to the Sisterhood are deeply devoted to building a community of shared experiences, learning and giving, not just a place of religious observance. Since the beginning, Sisterhood has donated kitchen appliances, furniture, chandeliers, wall coverings, siddurim, chumashim, and more to the shul. Sisterhood also reaches out to the rest of the Jewish community of West Orange with chesed donations.

Glasswork Event - 2022

During the year Sisterhood holds various programs and fundraising activities that are always enjoyed and well attended. Sisterhood runs programs integrating learning and social interaction appealing to the women in the community. An ongoing book club, regular hat sales, cooking demonstrations, jewelry-making, tehillim groups and learning programs are a sample of events run by the Sisterhood. For more information or to volunteer, contact Debbie Druce.

Sisterhood Tributes

Tributes serve as a convenient way to commemorate an event or yahrtzeit while supporting the Sisterhood. Tributes can be purchased for $5.00 with a beautiful card sent to the recipient noting the occasion for the gift and from whom it was sent. You can dedicate a Siddur or Machzor ($40) or a Chumash ($60) with a custom bookplate inscription to mark the occasion. To donate a tribute, contact Debbie Druce or donate on this site.

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