An Engaging Modern Orthodox Community
in West Orange, New Jersey

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The Ohr Torah Teen minyan, now completing its second full year, is one of the most exciting new initiatives the shul has to offer our youth. Teens and pre-teens assemble every week to run their own service. They take charge in leading everything from davening, reading the Torah, public speaking and more. It has empowered many children to lead their own davening, as well as give them the confidence and tools that will carry with them for the rest of their lives. The age range is 4th grade thru college years.

Why is it important for the shul to have this? It is all about Jewish continuity. Who will lead the next generation of Jews in synagogue services? It is our youth. We have an obligation to teach them, and we do.

We are teaching our children an area of Jewish education that often times is not covered in Jewish day school curriculums. Ohr Torah is filling this void. We also teach our youth the proper nussach hatifilah. We work with our youth on the proper pronounciations, tunes, trup etc.



For more information or to get involved, please contact Richard Kirsch