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Kashering of Kaylim 2020

With the current health scare, the need arose for a new process for kashering kaylim for Pesach in order to minimize the number of people in and outside of the building. Please follow the steps below as closely as possible.

Please note that Rabbi Spivak will not be available for questions during kashering times. Should you have any questions, please reach out to him at a different time.

Also note that kashering will be done by appointment only. Click here to sign up for an appointment.

Steps (see image below for reference):

  1. Cars should enter through the Pleasant Valley Way side of the building and come around to the back parking lot.
  2. Stop at the Chometz table (marked C on the image below) to drop off utensils.
  3. After utensils are dropped off, park in the area marked "Customer Parking".
  4. While parked, your utensils will be sent to the kitchen for kashering.
  5. After kasheirng is completed, you will be called to the Pesach table (marked P) to pick them up.
  6. Cars should then use the Woodland Avenue exit when leaving the shul.


Fri, May 29 2020 6 Sivan 5780