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COVID-19 Closure Information

While our building is closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus, we will strive to continue to provide services and programming. This page will be updated with new items from time to time so please check back often.

Davening and Shiurim on Zoom

Link for all minyanim and shiurim:


Sunday, 8:15 AM
Monday, Tuesday Friday, 7:30 AM


Sunday - Thursday, 7:50 PM (Rabbi Spivak will give a brief shiur between Mincha and Maariv)
Friday, 7:00 PM (Mincha & Kabbalt Shabbat Lite)

Wednesday Evening Shiur

Rabbi Spivak's weekly shiur will take place Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM

Those who want Kaddish said for a loved one

Yeshivat Hakotel is still meeting with a minyan in Israel. They are saying Kaddish for anyone who can not. Please add the name to their list.





Sat, June 6 2020 14 Sivan 5780