An Engaging Modern Orthodox Community
in West Orange, New Jersey

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A Few Good Men

The Ohr Torah Men's Club is dedicated to providing programming, services and funding for the Ohr Torah community. The goals of the Men’s Club are many, but the primary and most ambitious immediate goal is integrating the newest members of the West Orange community into the social fabric of Ohr Torah.

Our two largest events are the annual Cholent Cook-off and Simchas Torah Luncheon. These events have become the most anticipated social shul-wide events every year.
In just the past year the Men's Club has supported the Shul's needs through purchasing all of the tables for the new Social Hall, buying much needed kitchen supplies, and by painting all of the Youth classrooms.

Numerous events are in the planning, paintball game, bowling night, and our new 'Man Up' class series as well as joint endeavors with Sisterhood.


Another pillar of OT in the making! Stay involved, have fun and help to keep the “O” in Ohr Torah.


Men's Club Board:

President - Ari Katz

Vice President of Advertising/Promotion - David Goldstein

Vice President of Membership - Raphie SharrettLarry Freedman 

Vice President of Finance/Treasurer - Larry Freedman

Vice President - Joel Tennenberg

Vice President - Mike Diamond

President Emiratus - Eric Nadel

Contact us for more information.